Technology Center

At our Technology Center in Blaufelden, we have built a laboratory facility in which we, together with our customers, test new product ideas and determine the setting parameters for the production lines to be produced at a later stage.

We offer our customers the opportunity to use our laboratory facilities at the Technology Center in Blaufelden for testing new product designs and to determine setting parameters for a future production line.

We particularly designed a flexible multi-functional testing equipment. That means we can either conduct single machine testing, like scattering, drying or bonding with our Thermofix®, or simulate the whole production process for laminating, bonding or consolidation.

Since our laboratory is on rails, we are able to close the gap between the Pre-Dryer and the Thermofix® to a minimum to prevent the material from cooling down. If a scattering system needs to be placed between the Pre-Warming and the Thermofix®, we just move the machinery.

Have you heard about our latest innovation? To the respiratory mask production machine.

At Andritz Laroche in France, we are able to run a wider spectrum of trials. Since 2014 there is a Schott & Meissner "TopCon MAP" thermal bonding oven included in their laboratory line, which also includes an aerodynamic web forming machine.