The company

German Engineering since 1986

Schott & Meissner is proud to be one of the global leaders in manufacturing Heat-Treatment and Thermal-Bonding equipment for the Non-woven and Composite Industry. We take it upon ourselves to not only live our company’s values like quality and reliability in our day-to-day business but also to pass it into our innovative products, like the TopCon-Oven or the Thermofix-Double-Belt-Press.

Our custom-made solutions have been developed since 1986 in Blaufelden in the region of Hohenlohe. We support you from product development to the final installation.

We are globally well-known by our customers for our Know-How, Innovation and “German Engineering”.

Seemingly impossible challenges are gladly met by our highly motivated and skilled team.

We gladly help you to choose the right machine from our portfolio and support you with our comprehensive process engineering experience –just contact us.

Have you heard about our latest innovation? To the respiratory mask production machine.