Respiratory mask production machine

For FFP1 and FFP2 - now with headband

We have developed a respiratory mask production machine that meets even the most stringent requirements – with short delivery times and detailed advice!

The worldwide corona crisis has created the highest-ever demand for respiratory masks. The protection classes FFP1 and FFP2 are also used in the private sector, so they are in tremendous demand – but European manufacturers can no longer produce the market volume that is needed. We intend to change this situation! Drawing on our many years of experience in high-performance machine technology for the production and further processing of nonwovens, we have now developed a smart respiratory mask production machine, which can process different nonwovens, such as meltblown and spunbonded varieties into hygienic respiratory masks.

The respiratory mask production machine – a real all-rounder

A machine frame is used to feed the raw materials to the Schott & Meissner production machine for respiratory masks. Nose clips or braces are inserted in a parallel process. The welding of the materials to the basic shape of the mask is carried out by means of ultrasonic roll welding. Upon request, an opening can be punched into the material to integrate a valve into the respiratory mask, and pad printing is also possible, e.g. to place a trademark on the products. The ear loops or the head bands are ultrasonically welded in the next step. Then the masks are precisely formed and folded in the machine by means of a forming shoulder. The production process is completed by the final welding, the folding down of the ear loops and the cutting out of the respiratory masks.

The machine for producing respiratory masks – your new top performer

Depending on the raw materials and production conditions, our respiratory mask production machine can produce 40 to 60 masks per minute. In a three-shift operation, this equates with between 48,000 and 75,000 masks – in just one day! Constantly developing our much-needed innovation, we are currently working on a solution for the automatic insertion of the valve into the production process. We have deliberately kept the design and technology lean, ensuring that your investment remains manageable. Every one of the machine’s components meets the most stringent “Made in Germany” standards for problem-free operation and no downtimes.

Possible classifications

Respiratory masks protect the wearer from various emissions, including fine dust, liquids, smoke and liquid mist. There are several protection classes which differ from one another, depending on their protective function, filter performance and maximum leakage. Our machine for the production of respiratory masks has all the prerequisites to produce FFP1 and FFP2 masks that comply with the DIN standard (German Institute for Standardisation). FFP means filtering face piece. The US American standard “N95” and the Chinese “KN95” are other similar mask classifications. The classification of the mask worn is the responsibility of the user.

Your benefits with Schott & Meissner

  • Decades of proven technologies from a quality supplier
  • Reliable machines and systems with modular designs, made in Germany
  • Uncomplicated commissioning and a partnership-based service
  • User-friendly design of the respiratory mask production machine
  • High level of production efficiency with consistent product quality

We would be pleased to support you at short notice by setting up the production of respiratory masks for you or expanding your existing capacities. We can promise short delivery times, in-depth advice, and the flexibility that is so crucial in times like these!

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Technical Data Respiratory Mask Production Machine

Useful working width

max. 300 mm

Roller diameter

600 mm, up to 5 layers

Production capacity

up to 72,000 respiratory masks per day

Mask Production Line

Mask Production Line