TopConMAP Double Belt Oven with either Air-Through or Air-Impingement Ventilation Mode

Compact allrounder

The newly developed TopConMAP (MultiAirPrinciple) double belt oven is a compact all-rounder in a modular design. This oven combines all the well-known and well-proven features of our TopConLP and TopConHP double belt systems in one system. This means, the oven offers adaptable air-through handling per metre and highly efficient impingement ventilation from both sides. The highlights of this oven are its high flexibility, compact design and the newly developed air ventilation principle, which ensures that there is negative pressure on the entire outer oven insulation for optimal leak tightness.

Technical Data

Useful working width:

1.200 - 6.000 mm

Zone length:

2.000 mm

Free clearance between the conveyor belts:

max. 300 mm

Heating media:

Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil, steam, electric energy

Working temperature:

max. 240 °C


PES, cotton, recycled fibre, flax, hemp, Kenaf,wood fibre and sheep wool, PP, PE, BiCo

Weight range:

20 – 10.000 g/m²

Web density:

max. 250 kg/m³ (in conjunction with calibrating rollers)

Production speed:

max. 200 m/min


  • Upholstery for furniture industry
  • Fibrefills and interlinings for garments
  • Insulation material for the building and automotive industry
  • Moulding parts (semi-finished) for the automotive industry
  • Filtration
  • Medical application and hygiene industry
  • Interlining
  • Wipes
  • Application for air-impermeable products
  • Carpet backing
  • Double-coated nonwoven materials


Upstream Equipment

Peripheral Downstream Equipment