TopConLP Doppelband Air-Through oven

Modular design for nonwoven bonding

The TopConLP (LowPressure) is a double belt oven in a modular design for nonwoven bonding with heated air by means of the convection-air-through principle with an option to change the direction of flow metre by metre. The fabric web is then cooled or bonded in a cooling zone, also by means of the convection-air-through principle. Additional equipment available: magnet system (to keep the upper belt in suspended position), working width adjustment, belt cleaning device, various heating systems, multi-flow zones, and calenders.

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Technical Data

Useful working width:

1.200 - 6.000 mm

Zone length:

2.000 mm / 3.000 mm

Free clearance between conveyor belts:

max. 300 mm

Heating media:

Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil, steam, electric energy

Working temperature:

max. 235 °C


PES, PP, PA, BiCo, Baumwolle, Recylingfaser, Flachs-, Hanf-, Kenaf-, Holzfaser und Schafwolle

Weight range:

20 – 10.000 g/m²

Web density:

max. 250 kg/m³ (in conjunction with calibrating rollers)

Production speed:

max. 300 m/min


  • Upholstery for furniture industry
  • Fibrefills and interlinings for garments
  • Insulation material buildings and the automotive industry
  • Moulding parts for the automotive industry
  • Filtration
  • Geotextiles
  • Medical applications and hygiene industry
  • Interlining