AirConTS Double Belt Oven

Sturdily designed double belt oven

AirConTS is a sturdily designed double belt oven, especially made for the production of semi- or fully cured material, made of recycled fibre or fibre glass in combination with duroplastic binders, such as phenolic resin or epoxy resin. Heat treatment is by means of the air-through ventilation principle; the air flow per heating zone is fixed. The highlight of this oven is its sturdy design and easy accessibility to the oven interior for cleaning purposes. If required, the oven can also be designed with a steel plate conveyor.

Technical Data

Useful working width:

1.200 - 3.200 mm

Free clearance between the conveyor belts:

max. 200 mm

Heating media:

Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil

Working temperature:

max. 240 °C


Recycled fibres, glass fibre


Phenol or epoxy powder

Weight range:

20 – 4.000 g/m²

Web density:

max. 100 kg/m³

Production speed:

max. 25 m/min


  • Glass fibre insulation material for building industry
  • Recycled fibre moulding parts for the automotive industry
  • Heat-proof fibre glass moulding parts for the automotive industry
  • High density natural fibre insulation material