3-Pass Dryer / Spray Bonding Lines

Compact and modular design

In its 3-pass dryer, SCHOTT & MEISSNER places special importance on the compact and modular design. If required, up to 3 air treatment systems, e.g. air-through or single- or double air impingement ventilation can be combined in one oven. The compact construction of this dryer ensures that any length treatment sections can be realised in the smallest possible floorspace. SCHOTT & MEISSNER has earned an excellent reputation in particular in the field of spray bonding by means of abrasive dispersion.

Technical Data

Useful working width:

1.200 - 5.000 mm

Zone length:

3.000 mm, 4.000 mm, 5.000 mm

Free clearance:

max. 400 mm

Heating media:

Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil, steam, electric energy

Working temperature:

max. 235 °C


PES, cotton, flax, hemp, Kenaf, wood fibre and sheep wool

Production speed:

max. 200 m/min
cleaning sponge
cleaning sponge


  • Abrasive webs, (scouring pads)
  • Spray-bonded PES-nonwovens for winter garments, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Latex-bonded natural fibre, e.g. coconut fibre mattress pads
  • Interlining
  • Spunlace lines, 3-pass dryers as an alternative to drum dryers
  • Spray application of activated charcoal for filter applications


Upstream Equipment

  • Spray Cabin

Downstream Equipment