DrumDryHP Air-Through Drum Dryer

With its innovative construction, our drum dryer is a cut above the rest – “old technology” receives new honours! The further developed, improved heating system, based on the mixing chamber principle, in combination with innovative insulation ensure optimal use of the energies used.  Never before has it been possible to achieve homogenous and accurate temperature distribution across the entire sieve drum surface and fabric web width! Furthermore, special attention was paid to maintenance friendliness, easy accessibility for cleaning, as well to oven leak-tightness and temperature distribution.

Have you heard about our latest innovation? To the respiratory mask production machine.

Technical Data

Useful working width:

1.200 - 5.000 mm

Heating media:

Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil, steam, electric energy

Working temperature:

max. 235 °C


PES, PP, PA, PE, Viscose, Cellulose, etc.

Weight range:

10 – 1.000 g/m²

Production speed:

max. 500 m/min


  • High-efficiency dryer in spunlace or WET-LAID production lines
  • Thermosetting for e.g. roofing felts
  • Thermosetting in spunweb production lines
  • Direct bonding in ADL production lines (Acquisition Distribution Layer)
  • High-efficiency dryer for finishing lines
  • Product examples: Cotton pads, medical cover sheets, wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc.


Upstream Equipment

Downstream Equipment

Prinzip "Omega-Trockner"

Principle "Omega-Dryer"

Continuous web enlacement around the single sieve drum is approx. 300°. On demand, the drums at the inlet and exit area can be also designed as sieve drum to perform as cool or suction drums.

Prinzip "Siebtrommeltrockner in Reihe"

Principle "Drum Dryer Sieve Drums In-Line"

This principle allows in-line-arrangement of any number of sieve drums, to either increase production speed or evaporation capacity. Continuous web enlacement around each individual sieve drum is approx. 180°.

Prinzip "Omega-Trockner waagerecht"

Principle "Omega-Dryer horizontal"

On this sieve drum arrangement principle, the inlet and exit area of the continuous web are on the same side, that means, the web reflow sense is oppositional to the regular machine direction. If required and technologicalwise reasonable, the oven can be also equipped with a post-treatment zone. Likewise, the benefit of this oven type is its compact and floorspace-saving design, which is predominantly appreciated by those customers, who struggle with limited free floorspace conditions.

Prinzip "Siebtrommeltrockner vertikal"

Principle "Sieve Drum Dryer vertical"

To fit a drum dryer also into buildings with limited floorspace conditions, the sieve drums can be arranged in vertical position.