Heating calender

Surface finishing, thermosetting & calibration

One of our best sellers since its introduction to the market, the heating calender made by SCHOTT & MEISSNER is characterised by its temperature accuracy, sturdy design, high precision roller adjustment, maintenance-friendliness and quick roller-change system. Depending on the process requirements and linear pressure range the calender can be fitted either with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Additional components such as the roller gap compensation system, a heating unit, cooling unit, twin motor drive, and special roller surface coatings round off the range.

SCHOTT & MEISSNER's hydraulic heating calender has made an excellent name for itself especially in the field of geotextile production with useful working widths of up to 7,000 mm.

Technical Data

Useful working width

1.000 - 7.000 mm

Roller diameter

max. 850 mm

Heating medium

heat transfer oil

Surface temperature

max. 240°C

Surface quality

chrome, Teflon, all types of special coatings

Linear pressure

max. 100 N/mm

Pressure source

pneumatic, hydraulic

Production speed

max. 300m/min


Surface finishing, Thermosetting & Calibration for following applications

  • Geotextiles
  • Wipes
  • Interlining
  • Spun bond fabrics
  • Fiberfill nonwovens
  • Natural fibre nonwovens
  • Spunlace
  • Technical nonwovens