Roller Accumulator

Accumulator with one- or two-slit technology

Accumulator with one- or two-slit technology that is characterised by a basic material thread-in as well as precise control of the tensile strength of the material. 
Suitable for lightweight to heavyweight fabric webs that can be diverted via rollers taking into account the tensile strength.

Technical Data

Useful working width

1.000 - 7.000 mm

Accumulator content

18m; 20m; 25m; 30m; 38m (depending on number of roller pairs)

Overall height

4.300 mm; 5.000 mm (standard heights)

Overall length

2.000 mm


weight loaded; closed-loop tension controlled


Light-weight to heavy-weight continuous webs, which are flexible enough for roller accumulation, in consideration of max. allowed tensile strength, such as Geotextiles, Wipes, Filter material, Roofing felts, Spunlace...etc.