Increasing demand on Schott & Meissner’s high-performance cross cutters

***Increasing demand on Schott & Meissner’s high-performance cross cutters ***

Right now, four customers at once from Europe and the US, have put their trust in Schott & Meissner again and placed orders for our unique and proven Hydraulic-Guillotine, which has big advantages to mechanical versions and allows for a fast ROI because of their high throughput and low maintenance costs.

The hydraulic design of the HXC-series shows one of the highest throughputs of existing cutting systems. Its cushioned work process results in a highly durable machine and causes less wear and tear as well as an excellent cutting accuracy. Maintenance costs, especially regarding mechanical spare parts, are low due to this execution.

Another big advantage is the easy switch from cutting to perforation with the same setup to grant an efficient production of perforated products.

This cutting system can be used for roll and blanket production up to a working width of 6.000mm and can be integrated in existing lines.

Schott & Meissner’s HXC-Guillotine is not only the best choice for heavy duty work but also for a wide range of applications and grants highest production flexibility.

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