Customised Production Lines

Our competence in designing and manufacturing customised production lines, in particular in nonwoven technology, is based on decades of experience.

Combined Ovens

Often, the combination of two different heat treatment systems is crucial to either ensure a better flexibility of the line or to achieve specific product end features. For instance, an oven system (TopConLP, RegulAir LP, etc) can be combined with the Thermofix® double belt press.

Sintering Furnace / High Temperature Furnace

This type of high temperature furnace or sintering oven was especially developed for temperature ranges up to 450°C. The innovative air ventilating system makes it possible for the fabric web to "float" with the result that this oven can also do away with the transport system, if needed. This system is also able to handle heat recovery and thermal incineration.

Shelf Dryer / Compartment Dryer

The dry goods to be treated by either overstream ventilation or dried by hot air, are put onto carriers or trays.
The transport trolleys can be manually pushed into the dryer; with higher levels of automation, the trolleys can be cycled from zone to zone through the dryer.