RegulAirHP Single Belt Oven with Air Impingement Ventilation

RegulAirHP with single air-impingement ventilation
Single air-impingement ventilation is used to dry the surfaces of mostly air-impermeable products, e.g., after coating, printing or one-sided impregnation. Depending on the product, the nozzles used are either hole-type or slot-type nozzles.

RegulAirHP with double air-impingement ventilation 
Double air-impingement ventilation is used for drying heavyweight air-permeable materials such as carpets, or after impregnation from both sides. The air ventilates from both sides to the fabric web. The ratio between the top and bottom air can be adjusted.

Technical Data

Useful working width: 1,000 mm – 7,000 mm
Zone length: 2,000 mm, 3,000 mm, 4,000 mm, 5,000 mm
Free clearance between the conveyor belts: max. 200 mm
Heating media: Natural gas, LPG, heat transfer oil, steam, electric energy
Working temperature: max. 450 °C
Application: Drying, sintering
Weight range: 20 - approx. 1,500 g/m² (air-impermeable)
Production speed: max. 300 m/min

End uses

  • Carpet backing
  • Interlining
  • Air-impermeable fabric webs
  • Drying of coated and impregnated fabric webs