Ascending Batch Winder

The ascending batch winder made by SCHOTT & MEISSNER, also known as a surface winder, is a simple standard machine for winding slow fabric webs, however, up to a useful working width of 7,000 mm. These winding systems are used in particular for wadding, nonwoven geotextiles, wipes, technical and needle-punched nonwovens. The ascending batch winder can be upgraded by additional components and to increase the flexibility or the degree of automation. Add-on components can be e.g. a supporting roller for winding compression, an automatic ejection device for final winding or an integrated cross cutter.

Technical Data

Max. useful working width 7,000 mm
Max. roll diameter 1,200 mm / 1,500 mm
Max. production speed 20 m/min (with material accumulator up to 50 m/min)