VapConHT Steam Oven

The steam oven manufactured by SCHOTT & MEISSNER is used in nonwovens bonding by means of phenolic powder or epoxy resin for either semi-curing or assisting in full-curing. The steam penetrates the fibre package and the thermal energy of the steam is used to activate the phenolic resin; this results in a first cohesion between powder and fibre. A double belt oven (TopConLP; AirConTS) is downstream to the steam oven in the full-curing process. Due to the pre-activation of the powder in the steam oven, the fabric web can be hardened in the double belt oven. A relevant thickness calibration can be undertaken via the double conveyor belt.

Technical Data

Useful working width: 2,000 – 3,200 mm
Zone length: 2,000 mm, 3,000 mm
Free clearance: max. 250 mm
Heating media: Steam, heat transfer oil
Working temperature: max. 160 °C
Fibre / application: Cotton, recycled fibre, glass fibre
Powder: Phenol or epoxy powder
Weight range: 600 – 4,000 g/m²
Production speed: max. 15 m/min

End Uses

  • Semi- and fully-cured recycled nonwovens for the automotive industry
  • Fully-cured insulation material for domestic appliances