Schott & Meissner's fully automatic palletizer is characterized by short cycle times and precise stacking tolerances. 
The stacking unit consists of three conveyor belts:

  • Acceleration belt
  • Shuttle belt
  • Stacking belt / transverse belt

Due to the high draw-off speed on the acceleration belt, the nonwoven pads are separated and the distance to the next pad is increased. Time is thus gained for the pads to be piled up on a stack. The nonwoven pads are transferred off the acceleration belt and onto the shuttle belt. In a “return lift”, the shuttle belt lays the nonwoven pads onto the stacking belt.

Technical Data

Useful working width max. 5,000 mm
Pad length max. 3,000 mm
Stack height max. 1,500 mm (special designs available)
Production speed max. 20 m/min