Wet-Coating Systems

Foam Impregnating Unit

Currently the most common, widely-spread and most flexible impregnation principle on the market is surface coating by means of single-, double-sided or full impregnation. As the liquor is "foamed", the water input and thus the amount of moisture to be driven out is very low.


Bath Impregnation
(full impregnation)

The fabric web is conveyed or dipped through a dispersion bath and then squeezed out through a pair of nip rolls.  Besides actual web bonding, this type of impregnation can also be used e.g. for the antibacterial finishing of a nonwoven length (hygiene products, clothes, wipes, etc.).


Roller / Air Doctor Blade Impregnation
(single-sided surface coating)

With roll doctor blade: for higher coating volumes; the finish is realised in the gap between the roller and the doctor blade.

With air doctor blade: for lower coating volumes; the doctor blade scrapes the surface of the tightened fabric web without support.

Slope Padding / Kiss Coating
(single-sided surface coating using a scoop roller)

The scoop roller dips into a dispersion bath and then applies the liquor on the fabric web.

"Slope Padding": single-sided finishing by means of high-viscosity dispersion (e.g. for carpet backing);
"Kiss Coating":
for single-sided finishing by means of low-viscosity dispersion (e.g. for top layers of diapers).





Spray Application
(single- or double-sided surface coating)

This process is mainly used in the production of high quality wadding or abrasive nonwoven materials. Application is by means of alternating spray nozzles, crosswise to the fabric web flow.