Cooling calenders

Cooling calenders made by SCHOTT & MEISSNER are mostly found in combination with a hot air convection oven or a double belt oven (series: TopConLP, TopConHP, TopConMAP), in order to thermoset and calibrate well-tempered fabric web to the required high density (up to 300 kg/m³). The cooling calender is characterised by a sturdy and robust design, high precision, maintenance-friendliness and quick roller-change system. Additional components such as cooling units, hydraulic units and special roller surface coatings round off the range.

Technical Data

Useful working width 1,000 - 7,000 mm
Roller diameter max. 850 mm
Cooling medium Water
Surface treatment approx. 20°C
Surface quality chrome, Teflon, all types of special coatings
Linear load max. 50 N/mm (for narrow useful working widths)
Pressure source pneumatic, hydraulic
Production speed max. 300 m/min

End uses

Cooling calender as downstream equipment after double belt oven to compact well-tempered nonwoven webs made of:

  • Natural fibres (hemp, flax, etc.)
  • Recycled fibres
  • Viscose, PES, PP, PA