J-Box Accumulator

Compact design.
A significant amount of accumulator capacity can be realised with this type of accumulator. A requirement for this is, however, that the fabric web can be loop-accumulated. Draw-in rollers ensure that the fabric web is laid into a sheet metal tray; the tray is emptied by draw-off rollers. Its use is limited to very lightweight materials.

Technical Data

Useful working width 1.000 - 7.000 mm
Accumulator content approx. 75 m
Overall height approx. 2.500 mm
Overall length approx. 2.000 mm

End uses

Light-weight continuous webs which can be loop-accumulated. Such as Interlinings, Wipes, lightweigt needled webs, Coverstock, Calendered webs, Roofing Felts,...etc.