"IR-Bond" Infrared Channel

SCHOTT & MEISSNER manufactures and designs complete coating production lines, e.g. for coating carpet backings. In addition to coating a backing by means of a doctor blade and dryer, the powder coating can be subsequently integrated in a dryer production line by means of a directly installed powder scatterer and IR oven.  The IR channel can, in turn, also act as a pre-dryer for other production line concepts.

The IR channel by SCHOTT & MEISSNER has a modular design. The treatment lengths and useful working widths can be adjusted in accordance with process requirements.

Technical Data

Useful working width: 1,200 – 6,000 mm
Zone length: 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm
Free clearance: max. 300 mm
Heating media: IR emitter (medium-wave/long-wave)
Melt powder: Co-PA, Co-PES, HD-PE, LD-PE, EVA, TPU
Production speed: max. 100 m/min

End Uses

  • Powder coating of carpet backings for later carpet forming or laminating, interior finishing for cars, trucks, etc.
  • Carpet finishing - carpet backing by means of decor, fabric, foil or foam
  • IR oven as pre-dryer in front of a convection oven, belt oven or drum dryer
  • Additional module for a Thermofix double belt press