Centre Winder

The basic centre winder made by SCHOTT & MEISSNER, also known as a batch / winding trolley is used mainly for double belt presses and laminating technology, i.e. where jumbo rolls of nonwoven materials, textiles, foils or other sheet materials must be effectively wound, transported and temporarily stored. Thin fabric webs must be wound up tightly here.
he centre winder can be optionally fitted with pivot bearings, a drive or support arm. Depending on requirements, the centre winder is also available for different diameters. The centre winder by SCHOTT & MEISSNER can of course also serve as a supply hub for offline-lines. Mostly, however, this winder is installed to a line in combination with a material accumulator

Technical Data

Max. useful working width 7,000 mm
Max. roll diameter 2,000 mm
Max. production speed 20 m/min (with accumulator up to 50 m/min)